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Sally played Kay, the daughter of the prisons ‘top dog’ Myra Desmond (Anne Phelan) in PRISONER for 16 episodes when she was 17. 


In one storyline, Myra escaped to help Kay fight her drug addiction in a small house in Koo Wee Rup, country Victoria. Kay went cold turkey fighting and vomiting (cold tea) all over the lead characters Annie Phelan and Alan Hopgood.  


After moving to the United Kingdom Sally was amazed at the celebrity status afforded her having been in the cult show.

Sally's father, Ernie Bourne played the prison chef, Mervin Pringle for over 80 episodes. There was one episode that they appeared in together but not in the same scene. 



WATCH.... Sally in Prisoner as Kay Desmond (many years ago!)

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