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Curtain call - opening night of Moonshadow with Cat Steven's


"Sally Bourne as Alice Maclaren, the mother of Fiona and Jean, and Stephen Hall as Archie Beaton, the father of the tragic Harry Beaton, both imbue their roles with affecting gravitas." Bill Stephens, Arts Review

"Experienced performers Stephen Hall (Mr Ritchie) and Sally Bourne (Mrs MacLaren) bring characterful presence and palpable warmth to their roles."

Simon Parris - man in chair


"Some standout performances in Kat Henry’s production include Sally Bourne as the boozy, abrasive, misanthropic and wealthy Joanne, an older woman whose acerbic comments fall like acid rain on any party."  Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

"Sally Bourne is a scintillating Joanne, Bobby’s cynical and multiply divorced friend". Chris Boyd, The Australian

"Sally Bourne is a wonderful and generous performer….giving up the Tag and applause to “Ladies Who Lunch” for the sake of preserving the mood and continuity of the scene is a great PLUS to the show (and the artist’s own choice). Brava!" Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers

"[...] a pitch echoed in Sally Bourne’s Joanne, whose brittleness constantly threatens to topple into outright hostility." Tim Byrne, Australian Book Review


"The cast in general have immense talent, Sally Bourne as Joanne is achingly, ultra-violently bitter." John Back, Time Out Melbourne

"[...] she belts out Ladies Who Lunch with the same drunken ferocity immortalised by Elaine Stritch in the Broadway/West End original." Jason Whittiker, The Daily Review

"Sally Bourne’s reading of the role brings more nuance to the character. We see her outrage beneath the bitterness – her fury with the women of her acquaintance settling for compromise, and distracting themselves with shallow engagement in things that ought to be deep." Peter Hurley, Classic Melbourne

As the sarcastic, smoking, third-time married Joanne, Sally Bourne gave Act II's 'The Ladies Who Lunch' a good scathing." Paul Selar, Aussie Theatre


'The first inspiring meld of song, character and narrative is Sally Bourne, as Stormy’s mother, singing Wild World as a touching, mournful farewell to her son."

Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

"Sally Bourne is warm and gentle [...] .Bourne cherishes her act one ballad “Wild World,” which is all the more effective for its simple staging." Simon Parris: Man in Chair

"Stormy’s mother (Sally Bourne) brings every parent along with her in Wild World." Lucy Graham, Stage Whispers

"Stormy’s mother Layla (Sally Bourne) gives an appealing performance and the concern for the absent Stormy expressed through Layla’s duet with Lisa stands out as an arresting and authentic moment;" Jason Whyte, Aussie Theatre

Father & Son’ finds an easy way in, as does ‘Wild World’ – a showstopper for Sally Bourne as Stormy’s mother." Angie Bedford, The Theatre Channel


"The performances are first-rate. So good, in fact, they tip the scales towards must-see. Sally Bourne is jaw-droppingly good as Claire."  Chris Boyd, Herald Sun

"The cast is strong, particularly Ester Hannaford as the eldest sibling trying to maintain the farm and Sally Bourne as the mother stricken with cancer, and they get full value from the appealing music and sharp lyrics." Jim Murphy, The Age 


"Standouts are [...] Sally Bourne as his mother" Alex Lalak, The Daily Telegraph

"Sally Bourne excels as Shane’s mum." Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald


"Wendy Stapledon and Sally Bourne are solid and play their roles for laughs." Jane Howard, Sunday Herald Sun

"Melissa Langton, Wendy Stapledon & Sally Bourne create appealing comic characters." Kate Herbert, Herald Sun


"Sally Bourne as ugly Countess Gruffanuff is really rocking when she belts out 'I Can't Wait' and envisages being queen." Kate Bassett, The Independent


"There are some sterling comic performances, particularly from Sally Bourne as the Countess Gruffanfuff." Lucy Powell, Time Out London


"Sally Bourne absolutely storms the stage with the diva-esque showstopper 'I Can Hardly Wait' Beneath the make up, this extraordinary performer retains the power to light up the entire theatre.James Charles, What's On in London


"... the star of the show has to be Sally Bourne." GM, The Independent

'There are some good turns from Sally Bourne as the career-minded Serana [...]" Ian Michaels, The Times

"Alan Westaway, Sally Bourne & [...] Nicholas Rowe gnaw fascinatingly at the roles, keeping caricature at bay." Maddy Costa, Time Out London


"Strong central performance from Sally Bourne as Serena & Alan Westaway as Robbie are the production backbones.' William McEvoy, The Stage


"Serena (Sally Bourne) is the most vibrant character in the entire play, crude but charming. Her honesty & frankness set the stage alight with her determination to succeed her brother in business." Kathrin Abels, Southcentral


"Sally Bourne has a voice useful in case of fire". 

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