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In 1997, Sally joined the cast of the 25th Anniversary production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Directed by Australia's Gale Edwards, Sally was in the ensemble as well as being the shows dance captain.  Sally went on to work with the shows musical director, Simon Lee, in the workshop production of CASANOVA at the Criterion Theatre, London and in THE BEAUTIFUL GAME at the Cambridge Theatre.


Jesus -  Steve Balsamo

Judas - Zubin Varla

Mary Magdalene - Joanna Ampil

Pontius Pilate - David Burt

King Herod  - Nick Holder

Simon Zealotes  - Glenn Carter



Steve Balsamo from the Lyceum production of Superstar singing GETHSEMANE in concert, an incredible talent AND he did it like this 8 times a week.  Enjoy!

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