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Sally, as 'Baroness DeSole', pitching a musical inspired by a song title from an audience member called; 'Magic Underwear'. Her pitch was about a next generation royal who had been kidnapped by angry group of mountain dwelling folk who were filled with so much jealousy for those with privilege living on the top of the mountain so they decided to abolish royalty by taking the princess forever. After many years in the dungeon, the princess's body was no longer as attractive & elastic as it used to be so she used the resources available to regain her womanly wiles.


The song style Sally pitched was in the vein of old school German cabaret. Both the accompaniment and song are completely improvised, the accompaniment is provided by the amazing John Thorn.

Sally improvising the song "Magic Underwear" at the 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival with Spontaneous Broadway.
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