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Sally joined the cast of Eddie Perfect’s musical about cricket hero Shane Warne only 6 days before it opened at the Atheneum Theatre in Melbourne in 2008. She played Brigitte Warne, Shane’s mum. 

The show won the 2008 Victorian Green Room for Best New Australian Musical & the 2009 Helpmann Award for Best New Australian musical. 


Shane Warne - Eddie Perfect

Simone Warne - Rosemarie Harris

Terry Jenner  - Robert Grubb/ Brett Swain

Michael Slater  - Mike McLeish

AIS coach - Matt Hetherington/ Anthony Harkin

Indian John  - Jolyon James

Featuring:   Ashley Pyke - Jaz Flowers - Amy  

Lehpamer - Belinda Wollaston - Adam  Lubicz


Standouts are [...] Sally Bourne as his mother.

Alex Lalak, The Daily Telegraph

Sally Bourne excels as Shane’s mum.

Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald

Shane Warne takes a curtain call on opening night.

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