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In 2008 Sally performed in her first show with The Production Company in the musical DAMN YANKEES, on the second & third (of only five) of the perfomances Sally stepped into the role of Meg Boyd, script in hand - fulfilling every performers worst nightmare; going on stage in front of 2000 people in a role you don't know or understudy! Thankfully all those years as a swing & as dance captain in London got her through it, as well as the support of the cast and assistant director Scott Hendry pushing her on and off stage at the right moment. The show and cast were amazing and it was one of the most terrifying experiences of her career!

The costume designer on the show was the talented Kim Bishop who Sally has also worked with on Shane Warne - the Musical, Moonshadow, The Boy From Oz and Brigadoon. 


Mr. Applegate - Matt Hetherington

Joe Boyd - David Whitney

Joe Hardy - David Harris

Meg Boyd - Anne Wood

Lola - Pia Morley

Featuring:  Melissa Langton, Wendy Stapledon

& Sally Bourne


"Wendy Stapledon and Sally Bourne are solid and play their roles for laughs." Jane Howard, Sunday Herald Sun

"Melissa Langton, Wendy Stapledon & Sally Bourne create appealing comic characters." Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

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