In 2017 Sally played the role of Alice MacClaren in BRIGADOON at the State Theatre. This was Sally's 3rd show with The Production Company and her 3rd show with the legendary Australian performer Nancye Hayes. Nancye played the role of Lily St Regis in ANNIE with Sally when she was 12 years old, Sally worked with her again when Nancye starred as Lilliane LaFleur in the musical NINE 10 years later. After returning from London, Sally was directed by Nancye in the THE BOY FROM OZ in 2008.




Experienced performers Stephen Hall (Mr Ritchie) and Sally Bourne (Mrs MacLaren) bring characterful presence and palpable warmth to their roles.

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

Sally Bourne as Alice Maclaren, the mother of Fiona and Jean, and Stephen Hall as Archie Beaton, the father of the tragic Harry Beaton, both imbue their roles with affecting gravitas. 

Bill Stephens, Arts Review

production photos by Jeff Busby

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